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Dear Friends, 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. 

Living Autism was created and founded out of necessity, necessity for Quality of Life. We are all entitled to quality of life but in the Autism world it is very hard to come by and harder for families to provide for a person with autism. Our mission is to elevate the quality of life for all persons with autism spectrum disorder by creating, designing and developing residential communities with all of the needs and necessities for a safe and secure independent home, healthcare providers and medical facilities, education, college, vocation, self-sustaining agriculture and livestock farming for therapy, education, vocation and additional provisions for community, social clubs, entertainment, restaurants, sports fields – baseball, soccer, football, tennis, 18 hole golf course, gymnasium, fitness center, library, lakes for recreation, therapy and vocation, equestrian center for recreation, therapy, education and vocations. Over four hundred single to multi-family homes, apartments and condominiums. 

Each of these communities are designed to integrate into the natural environment of over 2500 acres.


The numbers of autism have drastically risen in less than twenty years from one (1) in one-hundred fifty (150) to one (1) in less than forty-eight (48) (estimate studies 2016). 

The costs, of course, have also risen to the average yearly costs for medical and the necessitated therapies and services increasing from $20,000 to well beyond $60,000.00.

We have to have a community for these wonderful individuals and marvelous supporting families and caregivers, someplace they can call their home, someplace they can truly have defined and specific medical care and services, someplace they can go play sports, learn a life giving vocation, get a real education, enjoy a walk to the park that has been designed just with them in mind and a place where they can have a true quality of life of joy, peace and comfort. 

The Plan one development in each state.

The Hope two developments in each state.

The Dream quality of life for everyone.

The process of creating communities such as Living Autism, starts with respect. Respect for the person with autism, respect for the families and caregivers, respect for the land and environment and for the communities in the surrounding area. The potential it has to positively affect all people’s lives is what has inspired us to live and work every day to make these communities a reality and to provide the opportunities for the residents of all ages to interact with one another and within their surrounding community, with independence, with joy and comfort and above all with purpose – Quality of Life. 

Please help us meet the demands of an ever rapidly growing population. 

Our Mission is to provide people with autism and developmental disabilities diverse opportunities in a Home Community to lead fulfilling, healthy, productive, useful lives and to be Victorious in every Endeavor.

We intend to be the leader in the provision of quality services for people with autism. We will provide innovative programs to meet the needs of the people of all ages. 

We are a non-profit organization of caring parents, siblings, caregivers, professionals, physicians, teachers, lawyers and accountants who are all seeking innovative and quality services for individuals with special needs. 

We are committed to building and developing a community providing a safe, nurturing environment where all people we serve can be assisted to reach their highest potential in all areas of Life.

We are appealing to the generosity of sponsors and donors such as yourself to assist in making these developments a bourgeoning reality. 

You can be assured that every dollar that you contribute to the program goes directly to the development and infrastructure of the community because we are run entirely by volunteers.

Our Mission

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Good for Everyone


We not only benefit those with Autism and their families by providing a community of their own in which they may find true Quality of Life, but also to enrich the surrounding  communities.

Friends & Benefactors of Living Autism


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